You know what they want, give it in the way that works for you; text, email or old fashion card in an envelope. See below to purchase an eGift Card or one of our classic hold-it-in-your-hand gift cards.

One less gift to wrap.jpg

It doesn't get any easier than this. Our eGift Cards are a digital gift card that can be purchased online here.


Our classic gift cards are a physical card with a holder and envelope. They can be purchased at our online store or in person at Doc Ponds. 

eGift Card Features

  • send via text or email

  • custom message to recipient

  • send at the date and time of your choosing

  • recipient can print the gift card or just bring their mobile device to Doc Ponds

  • no physical card to keep track of

  • does not expire

Class Card Features

  • traditional plastic card

  • comes with cool card holder and envelope

  • our online store can ship to recipient via USPS

  • does not expire